The weight of your purchase will automatically determine the size of box required.

The size of our boxes have been carefully selected in order to provide our customers with an environmentally-friendly, efficient delivery: your purchases will be grouped together, avoiding single-unit deliveries, resulting in signifciant savings for both yourself, and the environment. If your order exceeds the 25kg threshold, we will package your products in mulitple boxes to be sent as a single delivery, with all boxes after the first being sent free of charge.

  • SMALL | 9 KG

    Delivery in Italy  6,90 €
    Delivery abroad 8,00 €

  • MEDIUM | 18 KG

    Delivery in Italy  7,90 €
    Delivery abroad 12,00 €

  • BIG | 25 KG

    Delivery in Italy  8,90 €
    Delivery abroad 20,00 €

Whole cherries in syrup
Cascina San Cassiano
4,90€ - 440g
Whole black olives in brine Nocellara
Frantoi Cutrera
3,40€ - 290g
Hyblaean pesto & bruschetta
Frantoi Cutrera
3,60€ - 190g
Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Ciabot Russ 2015
Mario Gagliasso
15,10€ - 0,75l
Bianco di Sarawak - Pepe Kuching
7,20€ - 90g
6,30€ - 0,50l
A grain which has been forgotten in modern times...
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Black Garlic, sweet, digestible and…..delicious!
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The area of the Po, land of rice
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There’s vinegar... and then there’s Modena vinegar
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In summer comes the desire for an Italian aperitif
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